Peruvian Musical Scores




If you live in USA, Canada or Europe and are interested in obtaining musical scores of Peruvian music, write to us including your name and mailing address to:

El Rincón Musical Peruano
P.O. Box 665

Vacaville, CA 95696

Please click here   MUSIC SHEETS to order the musical scores. 

Please indicate very clearly the name of the songs you wish to obtain. We would ask you for a donation to The Peruvian Musical Corner, to cover the postage/handling and the reproduction of the musical scores. If you wish to sponsor this website and contribute to this great Peruvian project, please include an additional amount. The musical scores have the format of piano reduction. Below you will find a sample of the musical scores:


It is not easy to obtain musical scores of Peruvian music, now you will have the opportunity to learn and play the most popular Peruvian melodies. Your children will also greatly benefit from these musical scores by learning directly the different rhythms of Peruvian music.

If you wish to support our efforts, please write a check o money order to:

Rincón Musical Peruano
P.O. Box 665

Vacaville, CA 95696

If you wish additional information please e-mail