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A little bit of History ... !

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All begun as a pastime in the #trujillo chat channel of Undernet, in November of 1996. A survey was sent to the users of the #trujillo channel asking about contributing to the channel and to the webpage. The response was MIDI files of Peruvian music. Now, this pastime has become in the best Peruvian musical webpage in the internet, and identified with its own domain.

David Wong, known as "draconis", was the webmaster for the webpage of the #trujillo channel  (netrus.net/~rsam/trujillo). We started this webpage with two midis: the tondero "Trujillo, Trujillo Mio, and a marinera "Asi Baila mi Trujillana". It allowed us to have for the first time, ever, a Peruvian webpage with Peruvian music as background. 

In the middle of 1997, ircperu.net was created. Jose Martinez, known as "Ica" was the webmaster of ircperu.net assigned to the musical section. He asked for the midis that were circulating in the Peruvian chat channels to be included in the new webpage. The musical section of ircperu.net contained about 20 midis such as waltzes, huaynos, marineras, tonderos, marches and the Peruvian National Anthem.

Later on, in January of 1998, the original webpage of the Peruvian Musical Corner which was hosted in netcom.com, was moved to internetperu.com/musica. However, it was in February of 98 that the Peruvian Musical Corner started to take off.   Alain Beaudoin ("Inkaico") created the graphics and a design that transformed this Peruvian web page.Alain resides in Montreal, Canada. 

Since the Peruvian Musical Corner was part of another webpage surrounded by texts and graphics of other sections, accessing it was becoming slower as the Peruvian Musical Corner started to develop and grow with more sections. It was April of 1999 where we decided to register our own domain as musicaperuana.com and to host this webpage in Hiway.net of Miami.

The presence of the Peruvian Musical Corner in the internet attracted the attention of hundred of thousands of Peruvians worldwide. We invited other to join this effort to promote the Peruvian music and to reach every corner of the planet. Jorge Merino, known as "PianoMan", joined our group sequencing the "marineras" with great enthusiasm. Later on, Rafael Enciso, known as "El Rafa", also joined our group from Stockholm, Sweden sending his midis from Europe.

Since we reside overseas, the access to the lyrics was difficult. Hilda Rosa Gabuteau, known as "|lari|", who resides in Trujillo, offered to help by sending us the lyrics of the melodies presented in the Peruvian Musical Corner. Carlos Castro, an Argentinean composer decided to participate sending us a beautiful ballet compiling Andean Peruvian music in a classical format.

We have now the privilege to have the assistance of  Isabel Raygada, who resides in Virginia, USA. She is known as "Nona". Isabel is the first cousin of one of the most famous Peruvian composers, Don Manuel "Chato" Raygada, the author and composer of the "Mi Perú" waltz, which is sung with nostalgia by the hundred of thousands of Peruvians worldwide.

Juan Valdivia, a physician from Puno, who resides in Arequipa, contacted us by sending midis of classical and popular music of Puno. His participation allowed us to open the new section of Peruvian Piano. The requests for Peruvian rock were finally met with the midis of Franz Neuenschwander, who resides in Valencia, Venezuela.

Fernando Loza, who resides in Lima, Perú joined our group sequencing Ballads and meeting the demand of this type of Peruvian music. Later on, Andrei Volkov, a russian physicist started to sequence Andean Music and allowed us to open this section. He is now in the process of developing a software program which will convert *wav filed into MIDI.

Adolfo Velasco, a Peruvian teacher who resides in Edmonton, Canada, joined our group with great enthusiasm. He is the Public Relations person of the Peruvian Musical Corner. Recently, Isabel Gálvez known as "Chavi" decided to join our group by obtaining the lyrics of the melodies and offered to translate into english the sections of the Peruvian Musical Corner. In November of 1999,  Myriam Boza Olivari known as "Mimi", a Peruvian writer and poet, became the written voice of the Peruvians overseas, writing poems for special occasions by describing the Peruvian traditions in these special events.

We want to emphasize that the mission of the Peruvian Musical Corner is to show and educate to the whole world the richness and variety of the Peruvian Music, and also to present our beloved country Perú in a positive way before the virtual world of the internet. This page was made mainly for the Peruvians living abroad, to make them remember the beautiful country named Perú, awaken in them the Peruvian sentiment of pride, and to transport them with the music to the place where they were born. We are really pleased of the response that we receive daily from our visitors which goes beyond our original anticipation.

A bright future is awaiting us, we have the financial, human and technical resources to keep and maintain this webpage. We think that with your help we can have the best Peruvian Musical Library in the Internet. We have enough space to show the Peruvian musical organizations such as the National School of Music, Regional Schools of Music, Musical Academies, etc. We are also including biographies of Peruvian composers, history of different types of music, types of musical instruments, ethno-musicology, etc.

In summary, this is the results of a group effort by the Responsible of the Peruvian Musical Corner. The efforts of this group is allowing us to have the privilege of representing our beloved country. With dedication, perseverance, vision and the desire to promote Peruvian Music worldwide, we are at the forefront and we will carry the Peruvian Musical Torch to every corner of this planet.

The Peruvian Musical Corner invites you to visit the #perú (with tilde) channel and join us in the music forums and discussions of Peruvian music with other interested people. We host several discussions on the types of Peruvian music, history, sequencing of midis and topics related to the richness and variety of the Peruvian Music, in the     illa.gif (218 bytes) #perú channel     illa.gif (218 bytes) de Undernet. This channel #perú (with tilde) has become the Peruvian Musical Channel of the IRC. Everybody is welcome to join this channel.     illa.gif (218 bytes) Click     illa.gif (218 bytes) here to learn on how to connect.

If you can support this GREAT PERUVIAN PROJECT, as a sponsor, collaborator, advisor, critic, artist, musician, historian, etc., join us. Together we can make this Peruvian webpage be more visible and reach Peruvians in every corner of the planet. 

Viva el Perú !!!!!