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Jirish Janka  (Hummingbird's Peak)

This is a "pasacalle" from the Ancash region. The pasacalle is a common type of music, however, less popular than the huayno. It has an Spanish origin, and it is played in the dances of  the Mantaro Valley (Junín y Pasco). In this areas this type of dance is known as "Muliza"; and in Huánuco is known as the quechua word "tinya".

Sequenced by Ricardo M. Serrano

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A ti (To you)

A "Muliza", typical melody of the Cerro de Pasco region with the influence of the "Argentinean gauchos". The "Muliza" is a popular Peruvian musical dance which is played among the  "arrieros o "muleros" (mule riders) working in the mining activities of that Andean region. The lyrics are from Mario V. Collao, with the music of Graciano Ricci. I want to thank Jhanet M., who lives in Spain, for sending us the information related to the origins of this musical form.

Sequenced by Ricardo M. Serrano

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This melody was composed by Juan Bolívar. It is a tribute, full of nostalgia for his city: Jauja. It is very common to observe Peruvians living overseas, that feeling of "homesickness", which increases in intensity if any sound, aroma, picture of Peruvian flavor remind us of that wonderful country known as Perú.

Sequenced by Domingo Martínez